transplanting seedlings     
a tree frog
on her hand

The poems in Collecting Silence leap and startle. In moving images, they explore both “the unbearable weight” and the joy of life arcing through youth to maturation to aging….The poems remind us of our power to listen, reshape and transform. It is in our silences that memories, our deepest experiences talk to us in a language “we all know without speaking.” 

“A clear, precise voice; Narwani’s intimacy with images is impeccable. She is a fine poet, her grasp of structure and tone informs the heart.”

—Patrick Lane, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Poetry

“These poems ponder the geography and the sentience of our inhabited places, through time, past and present.  Here, prayer wheels are set spinning, a lake is ‘God’s protean eye lined with kohl,’ and an ordinary day is linked to a sinking ferry, a fire, an ice shelf cracking.”

—Yvonne Blomer, author of As if a Raven  & Victoria’s Poet Laureate

The poem "Three Wishes" from Collecting Silence was one of the poems chosen for Poetry in Transit. Poems were launched at Word Vancouver on Sept. 24, 2017 and will appear on the transit system for the next two years. They circulate on TransLink buses in the Lower Mainland for the first year and then move to the BC Transit system. That's when one might begin to see them in Victoria.

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